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Try Industrial Style Window Coverings

If you love the open feel and urban vibes of industrial design, then we’re with you! Bring on the exposed brick and industrial piping, the visible ductwork, and the high ceilings that define this style. But if you’re a homeowner looking for new industrial-style window coverings, it can be hard to find a suitable style that embraces the feel of the aesthetic and meets the functional needs of your household. So, when shopping for new shades with an industrial look, keep in mind these design principles to help guide your selection.

Hunter Douglas Skyline® Panel-Track Blinds near Wasilla, Alaska (AK)

Industrial Style Utilizes:

  • Metallic accents
  • Natural or raw materials
  • A neutral color palette that includes cream, gray, brown, tan, brick red, and black
  • Hard, clean lines
  • Few to no patterns
Now, take those design principles and apply them to your next set of window treatments with our tips for designing drapery, roller shades, solar screen shades, or panel-track blinds in this style.

Industrial Style with Custom Drapery

When designing drapery for industrial style window coverings, keep three basic design principles in mind. One, keep the color palette neutral. Two, keep the design simple with no additional or unneeded embellishments. Three, keep the hardware in line with the aesthetic by choosing metallic finishes.

  • Shop Design Studio™ Custom Drapes to find fabric choices and design options that meet both the standards of the style and your personal preferences.

Roller Shades With Minimalist Lines

The streamlined design and clean lines of roller shades make them ideal for industrial-style window coverings. Stay away from patterns when customizing roller shades because they can make the treatment too busy for the industrial look.

Solar Screen Shades That Hide Away For Open Views

Industrial design is known for its open floor plans and high ceilings. Rooms in this style feel open and spacious. Often the optimal window treatment for industrial interiors is actually the option to roll a shade into a header to optimize the view and the open feel. Designer Solar Shades come in over 130 different color and fabric choices that provide design-appropriate control and protection that roll into a header and come in a range of opacities for different amounts of view-through visibility that works for industrial design.

Industrial Aesthetics with Panel-Track Blinds

The contemporary feel of panel-track blinds can find a fashionable place in industrial design if they’re styled appropriately. Like with all other textiles in the space, avoid patterns and stick to the neutral palette of industrial design that includes creams, grays, and tans. Skyline® Panel-Track Blinds can also be an unexpected option for room dividers that can fold away when unneeded to preserve the open feel of industrial design.

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If you want your home to embody the modern look of industrial design, our team at Today’s Window Fashions has a variety of suitable window treatments in our collections of drapery, roller shades, screen shades, and panel-track blinds.

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